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I'm the mama to three beautiful children who happen to have a variety of diagnoses, including severe autism, a rare genetic disease (SCN2A), ADHD, OCD, anxiety, and panic disorder. I blog and podcast about the hard things, causes for celebration, and everything in between. I love a good cup of tea, thunderstorms, kid art, and helping families get acclimated to the complex world of special needs.

I'm an avid researcher and have found loopholes, hacks. and innovative ways to help my family and others embrace their lives following a diagnosis. My mission is to share tangible tools and methods to help families navigate their detour to the foreign land of disability with confidence.

I have a master's in clinical community counseling, with over 16 years of experience advising and encouraging people during major life transitions. Through my work, and passion for supporting people with disabilities, I help families envision a life of possibility and abundance.

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